Joyride 2014 – Huge Success!

Thanks to more than 110 motorcyclists and the tireless efforts of numerous volunteers, the 2014 Joyride benefit for cancer held at Granite Gorge was a tremendous success.  The benefit raised $10,000 for local cancer patients!

Time to play the "Poker Run" hand

Saturday August 9th, the day of the event, was beautiful with abundant sunshine.  One hundred ten motorcycles registered at Full Throttle Repair on Production Ave in Keene and received their “directions” for their ride to collect cards for the poker hand to be played at Granite Gorge.  Back at the Gorge the tents were set up, Joe Peanuts House of wings mobile BBQ unit fired up, bands tuned and Olive Garden Salad and buns ready for serving.  A Chinese Auction with fifty items displayed on the mahogany decks awaited the bidders.  The bike groups started rolling over the bridge to Granite Gorge at 3pm.  They entered the Gorge to see the beautiful Mountain setting and hear the awesome tunes played by the first band of the line up – Zero G.

People really enjoyed the acoustics and the venue as the bands rocked into the night and the BBQ was served.  Topping out the evening was the Super Moon rising over the mountain!

Joyride plans to be back to Granite Gorge next year or even perhaps this winter for a “Snow Ball” with discounted tubing for all ages.  Who knows, there may even be chairlift “Joyrides” next year!